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A "new normal" small business "mandate" for the "great reset" in a "post-nation state" can be a model for success.

Non-traditional Solutions for Small Business Models


What is ridire?

Sometimes there are those with professional skills and experience who have - for whatever reason - moved out of the traditional marketplace and now experience difficulty finding continued employment in their profession. ​This website is for them. serves small businesspeople who want to improve their visibility in their local marketplace. hosts highly integrated management and marketing solutions for independent business persons. believes in cooperative efforts that promote local talent and neighbourhood networking relationships. delivers a proven unique business development and marketing perspective.​

One Word, Three Meanings

ridire (pronunciation)

  • It's a surname - my surname - "Knight" in English.

  • It's a noun in Old Irish, Welsh, German, Norse and English.

  • It's a verb in Italian.

ridire: singular; ridirean: plural. (nobility, chess) knight, cavalier. Derived terms: ridireach (“knightly, chivalrous”), ridireachd (“knighthood, chivalry”). From Old Irish ritire (“rider, knight”) (compare Welsh rheidyr), from Old English ridere (“horseman”), ridda, riddan (“knight”) (compare German Ritter (“knight”), Old Norse riddari (“rider, knight”); related to English ride (see réidh).

(transitives) to repeat, say again, retell, relate, gossip, recount, narrate, recite, reply, criticize, object, complain, find fault.

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