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BC MLA Recall Kit

Files for the Recall Process for MLAs in BC

We've had enough. There are those in the blue-collar world who have lead the way and successfully applied significant pressure on the federal government over the last two months. They were so effective that the PM had to activate the War Measures Act to justify the use of force to disperse the largest peaceful protest in Canada's history. The blue-collar grassroots movement has sparked similar events worldwide.

Now it's the time of the white-collar worker to activate political processes, to apply pressure directly to the floor of the BC Legislature. We will be swift and precise. We give this effort one week from the day you receive this invitation and guide.

It's time to recall the NDP MLAs all at once. It's time to do this so we prevent them from creating another emergency justifying a lockdown going into Easter. They have been using crisis timed with holidays to demoralize the people of BC. We say, "No more!” And we use legislation to do it.

If readers have further questions I invite you to reach out to learn more about these files and how to use them.