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Columbia Health and Wellness Outreach Society BC

Area of Operations

The society is a provincially-registered society in British Columbia. It's headquarters operates out of the Fraser Valley.

Contract Length

The length of the business relationship spanned from March 2022 to December 2023, a year and nine months.


I lead the initial team that formed a not-for-profit society that offered this client the particular structure and tools it needed to deliver on its stated purpose.

I provided business development consultation in the form of business planning, operational methodology, and online and real world marketing/fundraising.

Additionally, I created their branding art and package.

I also designed, built, and maintained their website and initial social media efforts.

Initial Conditions

This was a start-up from the get-go. From initial conversations to a registered and functioning entity was a period of less than two months with a board of directors and all required assets and initial funding in place.

I provided executive-level consultation to research, establish, and develop the business model, brand awareness and networking tools for a then-unregistered not-for-profit society in the province of BC.

The project included designing the society model, providing business development and marketing consultation and working on such ongoing projects as the business plan, branding package, website, social media, and creating print and online marketing material.

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