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Even Rocket Science Isn't Rocket Science

Timothy Knight

December 17, Chilliwack BC

The following is a reprint of a rant on Facebook. My rant.


Okay... okay. Okay!

Somehow this lunacy has been creeping into my newsfeed and therefore, my headspace. And my head doesn't have the space to entertain this kind of nonsense. So it's time to declare my side of the proverbial fence on the matter.

The conservative personality is anchored in logic, not emotion.

Keep in mind that as an academic, I am fully capable of stepping into someone else's universe and its own rules to have a debate in that person's backyard within their ruleset. A simulation, per se.

But I have a reasonable expectation that the debater will use actual logic, real information, and the truth in their arguments. Hell, I don't even need their sources and citations. I can well enough assemble their picture myself. I can test it in my mind. I can turn it and operate it. I can see what is true and what is false in an argument. Even rocket science is not rocket science.

King Solomon said, "There is nothing new under the sun". As I perceive the world I see that there are no secrets, only surprises. Perhaps someone will surprise me. So, surprise me.

Furthermore, even if I entirely disagree with someone, I can put up with a host of bizarre overly grand conspiracy theories as long as they can actually respect the principles and the spirit of debate, maintain a cool head to avoid emotion-driven presentations, and assemble even the vapour of a logical argument. Just be honest. Seek knowledge, and even camaraderie, in the exchange. It is an exchange, after all.

But sometimes it goes too far. Some folk get their own interpretation of the immutable laws of nature jammed upsidedownwise into their amygdala, and their emotional commitment to being right - to the unwavering role of the dissenter and recurring martyr - does all the talking, as though a religious zealot with a self-fulfilling epiphany but no actual grasp of the subject matter. The need to be right induces tunnel vision. The ego is blind to its own limitations. Tinfoil works both ways, eh?

It is as if seeing the northern lights for the first time in a brochure photo they could expound on the myriad causes and effects of the phenomena while having no knowledge whatsoever other than what they gleaned from a cherry-picked photo and a few carefully crafted words in a marketing device.

Once, perhaps, I was sufficiently egotistically invested enough to entertain these fanciful flights of unreality. Word plays. Word acrobatics. Word salad. Just words. Clanging gongs. Vain babblings.

Much less now. In this conscious madness, I have lost interest. In fact on the following subject, I have no interest at all.

But I digress...

Keep in mind that I have no issue with free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, etc, etc, etc. It is human to do these things and no one can stop another from participating in these features of their person.

And so it is time to trim the fakebook interwebs frenemy list. The next two statements should start the purge.

1. Earth is not flat.

2. Earth is a sphere.

And. And. And if anyone disagrees with both of the two numbered statements above then that person is "flat wrong". And in this matter, we are not aligned. Not. Aligned. Sorry. Not sorry.

Lastly, the trap is laid for the flat earth faithful (well, any bizarro world conspiracy theorist really). If any of them responds with emotionally driven amygdala-powered vitriol, that person has proven my initial point: the conservative personality is anchored in logic, not emotion. I'm not censoring them. Even now I have not gone through my list looking to remove "offenders". It is theirs to speak as they see fit. It is their right. I just don't have to be subject to it in my feed anymore. And that is my right. Right? Right!


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