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Remapping: Learn From History

Timothy Knight

Chilliwack BC | Mar 5, 2022

If the West wants more say then it can at least partially address the representation disparity by creating new provinces in the western half of Canada.

This was proposed in the early days of the formation of government prior to the Confederation. But Ontario and Quebec interests wanted to maintain power over new entries into the union.

That is why the geopolitical boundaries are as they are and why at least a portion of the representation disparity exists.

One way to address this is to create additional provinces out of the western provinces.

If we cut a latitudinal line through BC, AB, SK, and MB at 53 degrees North we could make four new provinces whose capitals would be Prince George (BC), Edmonton (AB), Prince Albert, (SK), and Thompson (MB).

Give the West FOUR more voices.

Do the same for Newfoundland and Labrador. Slip them into two separate provinces, with Goose Bay as the capital of Labrador.

Give the Martitimes another voice.

And suddenly the West (and the East) has an improved opportunity, by its very geopolitical re-organization, to be a voice heard and reckoned with on Parliament Hill.

Are there objections and obstacles? Obviously. However, I will not entertain separatists when there are much more "Canadian" opportunities to firm up western representation that has a real opportunity to hold the central powers at bay and force them to think twice before stealing what belongs to the people of the country.

UPDATE: Why stop at four? Let's take the heads from Orthrus while we're at it. Here's a mockup of a more realistic provincial and territorial representation of the largest democratic landmass on Earth.

  • Ontario is divided longitudinally at 50 Deg West, or close to the eastern boundary of the municipality of Thunder Bay, the new capital of that province.

  • Quebec is divided latitudinally at 52 deg North, matching the southern border of Labrador. And the town of Akulivik becomes the new capital.

  • And, for good measure, let's drop the "territory" insult and assign proper status and rights as Provinces.

Final tally: the original 10 provinces + 7 new provinces from existing 'parent' provinces + upgrade 3 territories to Provincial status = 20 provinces.

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