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The Train Is In Front of You

Timothy Knight

Chilliwack BC, Nov 6, 2022

I will start my monologue with the negative critique. There is no means of applying any democratic function in socialism. That said, it is not that a system of government or an economic model is more or less corrupt or unbalanced than its "opponent" simply because it is an "inferior" or "undesirable" model, but that humans are innately inclined toward their own success and security, even at the expense of their neighbours. And humans are a critical component of the model.

Ergo, no government and no economic model will survive the first idealistic generation that implements it. Corruption is inevitable. The hope is that the "Right" balances the "Left" and the "Left" balances the "Right". History as far back as Sumer proves time and again that the ideal never lasts. The pendulum swings and cannot be stopped as long as humans are at the clock-spring. My generation is watching a paradigm shift from a mature (250 years or so) industrial capitalist model to the birthing pangs of a post-modern socialist model as seen rising from the vision of today's young adults (under 50). It is inevitable.

At this point, I do not think that a form of global socialism can be stopped - or even slowed - by the "old guard". The only question I really want to be answered is what awaits us on the other side of this phoenix event. Will integrity and interdependence rise or will influencers simply repaint the ship and redraw the map? Will we as a civilization simply create the next iteration of socio-economic and cultural disparity as predicted by the great secular prophets of 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, etc? Even as a dyed-in-the-wool conservative I think there is a way forward that is tolerant enough to withstand the coming crucible.

I suggest that protecting "widows" and adopting "orphans" in our own families, neighbourhoods, and communities will go a long long way to giving "power" back to the People. We have bad government because we vote for bad representatives. We have justice disparity because we permit bad justice. We have bad companies because we buy their damned stuff. We have a bad economy because we expect "others" to give us a job. The fault is our own - individual responsibility is lost in the quagmire of the collective. "It wasn't me, man. I didn't do it. It was like that when I got here."

Maslow's self-actualization is almost right. The mere act of finding my own shelter, feeding my own family, and contributing to my own community is innately self-actualization. The recent Work-From-Home phenomenon is as old as recorded history and made a resurgence in the 1980s (aka Telecommuting). Let's see if the Be-Your-Own-Boss model can free us from the "robber barons" and put our successes - and failures - back into our own hands.

I don't agree with the "new socialists" on the majority of the interpretations and conclusions of most of the supporters of “democratic socialism”. But if they are sincere, respectful, coherent, and open to dialogue, then we have a way forward. These offer the root of good philosophy, from which practical solutions may be formed and implemented. I am reminded that the left wing and the right wing are on the same bird. We fly together or we fall together. There is no half-measure. Imbalance hurts us all. Maintain the conversation.

My neighbour is not my enemy.

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